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WCMP - 1200 x 2000 portable CNC plasma cutting machine





WCMP - 1200 x 2000

Cutting shape

can program to cutting arbitrary plane shape steel parts that are constituted by straight line and circular arc

Cutting precision

national standard JB/T10045-99


stack mounting, can be moved at will, does not occupy a fixed site

Cutting width

effective cutting width ~1200mm

Length of the track

effective cutting length ~2000mm

Cutting torch

American Haibao POWERMAX45 plasma cutting torch 1 unit

Cutting thickness

1 - 6mm

CNC system

China Made

Performance description:

Displayer: 7 inch color LCD display;

Keyboard: poly dome;

Support USB interface, support U disk file transfer;

2 axis straight line and circular arc interpolation;

Support pause, forward ,backward, speed control in the processing.


based on AutoCAD automatic graphic programming software EasyWay

Cutting gas

compressed air

Speed range


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